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DeDaS smart delivery route planner-english


Software for automatic route scheduling for logistics and forwarding companies


DeDaS is a Logistics Software
for the simple scheduling of day, week and precombined trips.
DeDaS as Fleet Management System provides results in just a few seconds – ‘That can’t be true!’
Yes, it can! It is possible with DeDaS!
DeDaS is the technology leader in both the algorithm computing speed and quality of the scheduled tours!
The optimisation algorithms that DeDaS is based on have been developed using
the latest technological advances
and are therefore much more efficient than other
route scheduling systems.

AuReS Light software for order scheduling with smart appoitment calendar english

AuReS Light

Software for efficient order planning including Appointment Generator


AuReS Light is the Innovative
Order Scheduling Software
and powerfull Workforce Management System
suitable for Service Technicians, Service Providers, Suppliers and more.
Together with Appointment Generator AuReS Light helps you organize efficiently OrderFLOW
but also give you a Call Center Tool
that shows the optimal Delivery Date for your orders.
Additionally to that, Appointment Generator finds you in less than three seconds cost-effective alternative dates. Aures Light helps you automate WorkFLOW
by generating quick orders performing sequences
in comparison to their route of execution.
As a consequence your office is paperless,
employees and orders efficiently distributed
and TOP customers reviews on its way!

AuReS Plus software for order scheduling with smart appoitment calendar english

AuReS Plus

The modular system for your individual workforce management system


AuReS Plus is customized version of AuReS Light Software which already includes many useful modules as standard, but do you have additional requirements because your workflow is organised differently? Do you need a custom interface or special views in the Mobile App?


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