Automatic Address Correction

Typos, transposed numbers, abbreviations,… mistakes happen when orders are entered by people. A route scheduling system needs accurate information though to be able to determine the tour location.
As a result of information from Customer Management, DeDaS automatically corrects these mistakes thus saving you unnecessary work.

Schedule perfect routes in seconds

Route scheduling that provides results in just a few seconds – ‘That can’t be true!’ Yes, it can! It is possible with DeDaS! DeDaS is the technology leader in both the algorithm computing speed and quality of the scheduled tours! The optimisation algorithms that DeDaS is based on have been developed using the latest technological advances and are therefore much more efficient than other route scheduling systems.

Route-optimised allocation of orders to vehicles

Besides sequencing optimisation, the route-optimised allocation of orders to your vehicles in particular leads to a considerable reduction in driving times and therefore more time with customers on site, compared to manual scheduling. You also achieve savings in variable costs (fuel costs, erosion, etc.).

Qualified Loading Sequence

DeDaS not only takes into account the delivery addresses but also every single consignment.
As a consequence, you automatically receive a qualified loading sequence that you can forward directly to your warehouse after scheduling your routes. Saving you time loading and unloading your lorries.

Consideration of Permissible Load

Permissible weight and volume are the most common load restrictions. DeDaS not only takes these factors into account but can also consider any number of loading restrictions on an individual basis. For example, a maximum amount of pallets or packing units can also be defined as a result. Unlike other route scheduling systems, DeDaS can consider all the defined restrictions combined. Once a defined loading parameter is reached, the vehicle is full!

Customer Management

Customer information, such as addresses, delivery point or opening hours, are often just memorised by employees and not stored in a centralised database. There is the option to maintain this information as master data in DeDaS Customer Management tool in order to process this information in route scheduling. Imported orders are compared with the master data stored in Customer Management and corresponding information are added.

Cost Calculation

Whether it’s goods deliveries or your sales representatives visiting customers – the costs of journeys to customers are always important calculation factors.
DeDaS calculates the costs of your scheduled tours based on your specifications (km price, price per stop, price per minute).


Whether it is Excel, CSV or automatic interfaces using documented WebApi – DeDaS offers standardised and self-explanatory connections for all higher-level systems. Regardless of your level of IT knowledge – connection to DeDaS is standardised, targeted and understandable for everyone.

Hosting – Software as a Service

AuReS Light and DeDaS are just as easy and worry-free to use as the software itself. As you are familiar with from modern apps, you do not need a modern server or data centre to run AuReS Light and DeDaS. We provide the necessary infrastructure for you – all you need is Internet access and a browser.

Your data security is our top priority. For this reason, our software is operated in two redundant data centers in Paderborn and Bielefeld. As a result you benefit from the German Data Protection Act’s strict requirements.

To guarantee the security of your data beyond that, we use well-known security standards, for example from online banking.
Your advantages thanks to our SaaS offer:


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