AuReS Light

Software for efficient order planning including Appointment Generator

AuReS Light is a standardised route scheduling software that automates the whole order planning and appointment process. Whether it is in service provision, classic field sales or just-in-time delivery to customers, forward planning including agreeing appointments with the customer requires time and often leads to suboptimal routes in classic processing.
AuReS Light route scheduling software takes these tasks off you and also ensures a considerable improvement in the quality of your routes. As a result, you and your employees have more time to take care of your customers’ specific requirements. Your drivers need less driving time per order. They therefore have more time to offer customers on site for excellent quality order processing.

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AuReS Light includes the following functions:

Appointment Generator

The appointment generator is the interface between AuReS Light and your customer. As the name states, the appointment generator produces optimised suggested appointments taking your staff’s skills and availabilities and/or vehicles’ capacities and availabilities into account. Customer time restrictions (e.g. only at home in the morning) are also taken into account when generating appointments.

If an office employee is in contact with the customer by phone, they can directly access the appointment generator through Customer Management in AuReS Light, generate an appointment, agree this with the customer and book it in. Spending a long time searching for alternative appointments in standard calendars is therefore a thing of the past.

Customer Management

The basis for automation is customer management where in particular relevant to scheduling information can be stored alongside with useful customer information. These specifically include:

  • Customer addresses
  • Offered and/or ordered services
  • Required staff qualifications to carry out services
  • Required time to carry out services
  • Customer opening hours

Orders can be generated and scheduled from the customer master data created here.

Customer access to Appointment Generator

The appointment generator can also be made available to your customers with the help of a customer number and password using customer access (link). Customers therefore have the option of checking and booking suggested appointments themselves. This customer portal is capable of running on all mobile devices (smartphone, tablets) to offer your customers maximum convenience. It can also be integrated into your website using an HTML plug-in.

Orders with implementation period

Not all orders have to be scheduled and discussed with the customer. Orders that have to be carried out in a certain period are also distributed optimally by AuReS Light.

The implementation period is complied with in the process. These orders are used as fillers with other scheduling so that your employees are well utilised every single day.


Staff Calendar

AuReS Light produces an availability calendar from the resource information. This is used as the basis for order planning processes and the Appointment Generator. AuReS works out the perfect order sequence for every route for a period defined in advance so that the shortest distance possible is covered to complete the job. At the same time the necessary skills (e.g. staff qualifications) and priorities (e.g. by response time) are taken into account. All this information are presented clearly in a calendar view. The planner can also see all the scheduled routes for a predefined period in a detailed and map view.

Resource Management

Resource Management provides the option of creating existing staff/teams/vehicles including their properties and availabilities. For example the following properties can be stored:

  • Addresses (start addresses, home addresses, end addresses,…)
  • Qualifications
  • Working hours/Availabilities
  • Area allocations
  • Other information (phone number, email, date of birth,…)
Fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual planning and scheduling

With AuReS Light your planning works totally automatically in theory without any intervention necessary by you and your staff. Nevertheless, if you would like to plan differently to how AuReS Light suggests, this is of course always possible. Several tools, such as map views, utilisation calculations and semi-automatic planning suggestions assist you with your manual planning.

Project roll-out

With major order projects (e.g. visiting a customer’s 2,000 affiliate), AuReS Light takes on the roll-out fully automatically and thus ensures perfect routes.

Cost analysis is also possible in advance. So the project can be calculated more accurately.

Automatic Address Correction

Typos, transposed numbers, abbreviations,… mistakes happen when orders are entered by people. A route scheduling system needs accurate information though to be able to determine the tour location. As a result of information from Customer Management, AuReS Light automatically corrects these mistakes thus saving you unnecessary work.


Whether it is Excel, CSV or automatic interfaces using documented WebApi – AuReS Light offers standardised and self-explanatory connections for all higher-level systems. Regardless of your level of IT knowledge – connection to DeDaS is standardised, targeted and understandable for everyone.

Hosting – Software as a Service

AuReS Light and DeDaS are just as easy and worry-free to use as the software itself. As you are familiar with from modern apps, you do not need a modern server or data centre to run AuReS Light and DeDaS. We provide the necessary infrastructure for you – all you need is Internet access and a browser.

Your data security is our top priority. For this reason, our software is operated in two redundant data centers in Paderborn and Bielefeld. As a result you benefit from the German Data Protection Act’s strict requirements.

To guarantee the security of your data beyond that, we use well-known security standards, for example from online banking.
Your advantages thanks to our SaaS offer:

  • Easy access to the application from as many workplaces as you like
  • No complex and costly installation necessary
  • High availability
  • The highest data protection standards
  • No additional costs for IT infrastructure


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If you are interested in using our software, please contact us by phone or email. We discuss with you which software variant is most suitable for your workflow and create your personal offer based on specific parameters. Key indicators are, depending on the industry, the number of trucks, the number of jobs running through the system, the interface (standard or customer-specific), and the type of hosting. If you decide on the basis of the offer for our software, we will make it available to you within 6-12 weeks, depending on the type. We look forward to your inquiry.

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